African American History

The purpose of African American History is to tell the truth…..

                                            Carl Vogel

According to an article by Kelsay Ables in the Washington Post”Black History is vital to understanding racial injustice”. But the museum’s holding that are all under threat”. The article describes how the African American museum of Cleveland Ohio was closed for six years before reopening part time in 2010. “Teyvaun Allen talks about how he learned about the Museum and how he decided to find it”.

In Jackson Mississippi the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum is located at 222 North Street in Downtown Jackson,Mississippi their motto is “Shine Light on the Power of Courage”No place is more deserving of this Motto of Courage than where Medger Evers who was a World War II Veteran served as the Secretary of the NAACP and was later assassinated in 1963.

Washington Post ,Kelsey Ables November 25, 2020 12.00 P.M.E.S.T.

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