Who are First Generation College Students?

Once I finished reading Pascarella and Terrezinni’s Research in ‘How College Affects Students ‘it is in my opinion reasonable to expect all students to achieve the same learning outcomes. ‘If these impact students during their years in college ,then all students should have the opportunity to experience what the college environment has to offer and it is reasonable to expect all students to achieve the same learning outcomes Pascarella & Terrezini (2005).

When we look at one of the characteristics of ‘First generation students, it is stated ‘ they often meet with lowered expectations Smith & Darling (N.D.) and to create student success for this target population and all students we need to raise the bar and create more competitiveness in student engagement to meet learning outcomes. ‘ For example, Gatekeeper Courses are developed with first year students in community college or four year students in mind. ‘ The Virginia College Community College System is engaged in a strategic planning approach to improve performance. ‘A key objective is to improve rates at which underprepared students complete developmental coursework and advance to take and pass college courses, particularly the initial college level math or English’. ( Virginia Community College). All students should complete the ‘ Gatekeeper Courses as part of the curriculum.

The one thing that I suggest college’s should do is to not only create the resources but also show students how to connect with those resources. This can be learning communities, counselors or information about college groups or faculty members that can help them to find the help they need when they need it. For example in the Content review ‘factors shaping student development I looked at the order and decided I would choose in order of importance for student development: ‘‘Structural Organizational characteristics of Institutions as number (1). Student Background / Precollege Traits as (2). Interactions with agents of Socialization as (3) Institutional Environment (4) Quality of student Effort as (5) and Learning and Cognitive Development

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