College as a Process Oriented Organization

The college I attended was a one stop organization and that was the first thing that I noticed when I walked in the door. I agree with Dr. Adrianna Kezar in the video segment for this week when she discusses the value of collaboration across campuses .The value of this collaboration is better allocation of resources and decision making and it is a way to improve student learning , share resources and give better service to students. But when she was discussing collaboration among different departments, I was asking myself, can you connect these areas ?for example, student affairs and academics or orientation and advising( Laureate Education Inc). The answer is yes.

    Business Process Management argues” organizations can gain competitive advantage by improving and innovating their processes through a holistic process-oriented view. An organization can be more or less process-oriented depending on their experience in applying process thinking for better results’’(Researchgate). Dr.Kezar finally discussed a collaborative organization where processes work together and  these departments can collaborate on a common question .For example, in Business , Academics and Alumni Affairs, this  question could be how do we develop our Alumni? How do we reach our fundraising goals each year for the institution?How can we streamline our recruitment process? These three areas collaborate together on a common question.

     If we want to begin the  collaborative process at student affairs then we have to determine  the institutional structure and create the work processes from that point by using assessment and documenting effective practices  using the National Survey of Student Engagement to determine if we are creating institutional effectiveness and meeting student and institutional outcomes.  

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