Climate Change means you get to look at this scene for 100 years

     Someone asked me the other day what are some of the immediate things we can do to really get interested in climate change. One of the first things I would tell you is learn all you can about it.

Read articles or sometimes look at documentaries about climate change.There is plenty of information about it on the Internet. Once you understand what climate change is then you can appreciate why a few people are making a  fuss about it.

      I saw this quote somewhere “If you want to know what water is don’t ask the Fish” I absolutely would ask the fish.The water is central to the fish. It is not only his life.It is his livelihood.Everything he needs is inside the water not outside.

What can we do immediately to promote Climate Change?Call or write your Senators and Congressman about Climate change legislation.Familiarize yourself with alternative forms of energy and see if they can help you with cleaner,safer money saving energy.Talk to your children about it. I saw a fourth grade Curriculum for Climate Change.

Totally awesome!!!

See you on the Beach!!!!!


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