In The Domain of the Alligator

The City of Moss Point, Mississippi is located in Jackson County.The City was incorporated in 1901 .Today the population is 13,704 and the honorable Mario King is Mayor.Gulf Coast Gator Ranch and Tours is located at 10300 Highway 90. The Ranch is on the South side of U.S. Hwy 90 near the Alabama State line. There is a small sign”Gator Farm”on the right.

We arrived at the Ranch about 10:45.A.M.It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. We decided we would get lunch.We both laughed about the fact the Airboat could make us sick eating so soon.But I think we were so excited we forgot about that. Once we arrived you could feel the excitement in the air. There were other people waiting for the tour to begin. They have a Souvenir and Gift shop.You purchase your tickets online or onsite.You can walk in the sanctuary and view Alligators in the water. There is a bridge that leads out to the docking area to get on the Swamp boat.When you look down the Alligators are there. The water is very mossy green .We would learn later the Spanish Moss Trees Henry Ford used to Upholster his Model T is very plentiful in this area.

Once we got on the boat, our tour guide gave us instructions on how to ride the boat safely. We went out on the boat and began our tour. We went inside of the area that is home to about 280 Alligators. As we drove across the water I looked down abd you could see the Alligator’s tails. In the water.The guide there is more mud than water.Since the Alligators do not like the heat of the day.Yhey can bury themselves in the bottom of the Swamp until the cool of the evening.

The Tour guide showed us where there was an actual den where the Gators take refuge. We went under the bridge where hundreds of barn swallows make their nest.He told us the story of the Indians who at times sought safety and refuge by living with the Alligators.

Alligators do not like the heat of the day.But they are very active at night.We rode the Swamp Boat to tour the playground and home of this Reptilian creature.  We walked along the bridge that would take us to the boat and for almost 45 minutes we toured the place where the Alligator is at home.

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