Chameleon Leadership in the 21st Century

     I like what Kezar (2000) says in her article about ‘pluralistic Leadership’. ‘In recent years traditional views of leadership have fallen out of favor in all kinds of organizations including institutions of higher learning . ‘It is becoming clear to leaders in Higher Education that Hierarchal  and Authoritative leadership is ineffective for meeting the challenges the institution face’. I agree with this statement but I also believe that higher education is moving from a traditionalist approach because policymakers, leadership and others have found the way the institution is being affected there has to be a change of thinking to solve the problems that are being faced by most colleges. 

     Dr Kezar’s assessment of creating institutional change from the bottom up may be the most effective way to create the kind of change that is needed in Higher Education. The concepts she named can be highly effective in creating the kind of change that is needed . I think the two that are the strongest are (1) Engaging with influential stakeholders who care about what students think and (2) Creating partnerships with the community. Once both of these have involved Higher Education will see a growth in their initiative programs(Laureate Education Producer)  and stronger connections and support from the community.

     I have not experienced an issue where a politics has affected student programs (yet)but I think the way to overcome this is to also use Dr Kezar’s (3) Foundation grants and (4) Build allies on campus and the strongest of these allies is the student.  We just finished talking about working across disciplines and in my opinion this is what Dr Kezar is talking about in the media segment for this week.      Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in 2011 recently redesigned its Technology Program through Dr. Mary Graham who became President of the college in 2011. She guided stakeholders through development of a program that would ensure the college’s ability to serve students and the community in the coming decade( . We do have an example of where change management has been affected from the middle.

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Chameleon :A creature that adapts to it’s environment

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