Student Empowerment

Congratulation 2020 Graduates

Hi Sheron :

     I don’t know if Jillian were male she would have fared better in college. Maybe as a male she would not have went to college at all or chosen another college. I am sure that the ego can help 

You and it is not necessarily a bad thing but I think that separation  or being on your own ,can empower you , male or female. In my opinion Gilligan’s theory(1982) may be outdated when you look at the statistics on males and females attending college and graduating.For example an article in the National Review says that women outnumber men in college 1 to 6 : More women go to college  than men ( National Review,2016): women are more likely to graduate college but still earn less than men(U.S. News, 2016). 

     In my opinion career choice plays a huge role in men and women attending college. Men choose different professions than women and this may be the reason some  men choose not to go to college, or dropout of college and get a job.

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