Whats your Perspective?

It has been 29 years since Attorney Anita Hill “Spoke Truth to Power” with the world watching. She was a national figure in 1991 when she accused U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas who was her Supervisor at the United States Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of Sexual Harassment. Clarence Thomas was later appointed.

A lot of things have happened since that time. We had the Persian Gulf War in 1990 :the War in Afghanistan 1991 and a Terroist Attack in 2001.My point is “Its been a long time”.Recently in the past few years, we have had sexual harassment charges made by numerous victims, who found the courage finally, to come forward.

In 1991 Anita Hill was a lone black woman facing powers that maybe were aligned against her and other women in the future,but she chose to “Speak Truth to Power” and bring a new awareness.

Anita:Speaking Truth to Power, Journal of American History, Volume 101, Issue 3, December , 2014 , pages 1026, 1027 : http:doi.org/10.1093/jahist /jau 646

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