For The Love of The Story

One long hot boring summer, I decided to take a class at the local University. I did not have a particular class in mind. I looked through the class schedule and there was a six week English Literature Class. I chose the class because it was something I had not studied before. I went to the University and registered for the class that started the following week.

I was sitting in the classroom the evening the class started expecting a pipe smoking professor, wearing a tweed jacket and carrying a briefcase to come in the room.He would introduce himself and get down to business with introductions and a class syllabus.In a few minutes a man walked into the room wearing a suit with a notebook and the book for the class under his arm. He introduced himself and his last name was Enjoku.

The next six weeks I sat spellbound in class as I listened to the stories of “The Illiad” and The Odyssey. In the next few weeks we read Greek Tragedy from there Shakespeare .I felt as if I had boarded a ship and traveled across the world. I attended a Community College once but I never experienced this kind of teaching in my life.

The assignment for the final exam was a paper on the subject of my choosing. The paper required footnotes and I completed the paper I proudly turned it in the last class. my Teacher was the greatest storyteller I ever met. He loved what he did and it showed in his work and teachings. He was a gifted storyteller and the love of the story he passed to me that summer.

Now , I want to be the storyteller, the Teacher of Literature and try to pass the torch as it was passed to me.I was asked later to teach a junior high school class of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students for eight weeks. We all know the dreaded last class period of the day.The one where attention spans have dropped.

That evening, I began to tell them the story of the Trojan War, just as I was introduced to it a few summers ago.I heard from parents the next day their

son or daughter told them, they had to go to the Library. There was a book they must read for class . It was about the Trojan War: about a guy named Paris and a dude named Achilles “A young human woman even the “gods said was beautiful”.

I hope that I will pass the torch and create a “love of the story ” .Just like a teacher did for me one boring Summer.

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