Genius is Genius

     Now that many of our Twentieth Century Writers are no longer with us. Let us make this a call and a cry for a new direction. Somewhere there is a young black man or black woman who is thinking about becoming a writer and your just not sure.Start writing.You may be the next Walter Mosely or Toni Morrison(we miss you Toni). To anyone else whoever you are ,Black , White , Latino come one and all.100 years from now a beautiful blogger will be talking about

   how you ignited the world despite your lifestyle.  The other day I was looking at a list of the Best Black Writers. I like the list, but I felt there were some missing .I think many times writers are chosen because of their conservative lifestyle. It was interesting that the list did not contain, James Baldwin, Audre Lorde , Tony Cade Bambara or Angela Davis ,Tynetta Muhammad,Sonia Sanchez and there are others.Lets face it they have or had colorful lives. But Genius is Genius! I remember as a Junior High School Student curling up with James Baldwin’s “Tell Me How Long The Train’s Been Gone ” and “The Fire Next Time” or Audre Lorde’s ,”Sister Outsider”.